The BC Water Funders Collaborative is an informal body supporting strategic collaboration among organizations and foundations that fund freshwater and watershed protection efforts in British Columbia. Members of this diverse group of public and private institutions have independent goals and approaches. Yet they all share an interest in collaboration and a shared vision for healthier watersheds supported by sustainable community and government programs and policies.  

Guided by a four-member Steering Committee and two paid Coordinators, the Collaborative is currently comprised of 36 funders from 20 funding organizations, including private foundations, government, quasi-governmental agencies and corporate funders. For a list of some of our members, click here.

The BC Water Funders Collaborative is a project on Tides Canada’s shared platform, which provides governance, human resources, financial, and grant management for leading environmental and social projects across Canada, allowing projects to more effectively achieve their missions.



The group’s purpose is set out as follows:

The BC Water Funders Collaborative aims to help find areas of common interest and alignment that facilitate the strategic use of collective resources to advance freshwater protection in British Columbia. The group provides a forum for exchange of information and peer learning between funders and water leaders by strengthening relationships, knowledge and networks.


The BC Water Funders Collaborative is intended to maximize communication and collaboration between funders based on common priorities. It is also an explicit goal to strengthen communication and collaboration between funders and water leaders. Participation in these collaborative discussions by leaders and resource people in the water community ensures water funders are connected with the broader community and can make informed decisions based on current knowledge and the best available information.  


The following outlines the three primary goals of the BC Freshwater Funders Collaborative: 

1.  Convene & Connect - The Collaborative aims to strengthen relationships among water funders and between water funders and key leaders in the freshwater community.

2.  Build Knowledge - The Collaborative aims to increase the knowledge of funders about ongoing and potential opportunities for engagement in freshwater protection in B.C.    Through dialogue and discussion between funders, the Collaborative identified four primary areas of interest for knowledge-building:

  • POLICY: WSA Implementation;

  • PEOPLE: Grassroots organizing and public engagement;

  • PLACES: Watershed Governance; and

  • POOLING KNOWLEDGE: Water Monitoring & Reporting.

3.  Align & Leverage - The Collaborative endeavours to align strategic objectives and facilitate more collaborative and flexible funding.