The BC Water Funders Collaborative is an informal body supporting strategic collaboration among organizations and foundations that fund freshwater and watershed protection efforts in British Columbia. See the Members section to learn more about the organizations, governments and businesses involved in the Collaborative. 


Members of this diverse group of public and private institutions have independent goals and approaches. Yet they all share an interest in collaboration and a shared vision for healthier watersheds supported by sustainable communities and government programs and policies.  

The BC Water Funders Collaborative is a project on Tides Canada’s shared platform, which provides governance, human resources, financial, and grant management for leading environmental and social projects across Canada, allowing projects to more effectively achieve their missions.

All waters in British Columbia are in good health and resilient by 2030.

The BC Water Funders Collaborative facilitates collaboration to advance healthy and resilient watersheds in BC.


The BC Water Funders Collaborative is led by paid staff Coordinators. Their roles include maximizing communication and collaboration between funders based on common priorities. Participation in these collaborative discussions by leaders and resource people in the water community ensures water funders are connected with the broader community and can make informed decisions based on current knowledge and the best available information.  


The BC Water Funders Collaborative has signed the Declaration of Action put forward by The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. The Declaration is a call-to-action for organizations to move forward in an atmosphere of understanding, dignity, and respect, towards the shared goal of reconciliation.


The following outlines the four strategies and goals of the BC Freshwater Funders Collaborative: 

Building Relationships & Knowledge Sharing:  Relationships, networks, and knowledge-sharing are strengthened among funders, rights holders, stakeholders and decision-makers in the freshwater community.

Increasing Water Leader’s Capacity: The capacity of freshwater organizations is increased through funder alignment and collaboration.

Systems Thinking & Addressing Gaps: Funders are well-informed about the BC freshwater system and networks. Gaps are identified and actions are undertaken to address them.

Assessing Collective Progress: Collective monitoring and tracking of progress by the BC freshwater community is enabled by funders