Mabel Martinez-Dussan, Coordinator

Mabel worked in the environmental and natural resource sector in Colombia. Her background includes environmental assessment, permitting and compliance, and sustainability programs. Mabel is driven by ways to close/reduce gaps between planning and implementation to enable real change to happen. She has a Master of Science in Environmental Management, and recently completed her Diploma in Business Administration at the University of Victoria.

Kariann Aarup, Project Lead

Kariann has been working on the periphery of the water sector since 2017, through Aqua Forum’s AquaHacking Challenge, and is pleased to dive more deeply into the sector in BC, with the BCWFC. Motivated by sustainability-focused outcomes, Kariann enjoys finding the sweet spot around which partners can collaborate to amplify impact. Kariann grew up in a family enterprise and holds an MBA from McGill University. Originally from Montreal, Kariann has been in BC since 2013 and now lives in Victoria, with her husband Christopher and two children, Kai and Miah. 

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Jennifer Archer - Program Manager

Jennifer practiced contracts law in the corporate and non-profit sectors for more than ten years before dedicating her attention to water issues. In 2012, Jennifer earned a Master of Laws from UBC directed at reconciling Indigenous and Crown interests within the context of transboundary watershed governance. Jennifer lives with her partner and two awesome boys in the Nanaimo Watershed.

Tim Morris - Project Director

Tim Morris specializes in strategic and policy advice related to freshwater protection. Tim works with decision-makers, non-profit organizations and foundations across Canada bringing more than a decade of experience protecting Canada's rivers and lakes as an academic, advocate and grant-maker. Tim has a Master of Laws focused on water law and policy from the University of British Columbia.